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Steel and laminates

Since its foundation, Grupo Cosimet has been closely linked to the steel sector. Although, due to its commitment to diversification, the group participates in different business areas, the steel industry has always been its main activity.

Grupo Cosimet currently plays a leading role in the recovery and treatment of steel products and in the integral management of industrial waste.

Grupo Cosimet participates in the control and development of various companies, which may be classified into three areas of activity: recovery and scrap, steel service centers, y capital goods, foundations and rebars.



Industrial holding which comprises the activity of Reimasa and Gescrap, the largest scrap-processing companies at national level. It specializes in importing and exporting ferrous, non-ferrous and steel products, and the recovery of valuable waste.

  • Tel: 944 804 820
  • Edificio Cosimet, Paseo de Landabarri 2, 48940 Leioa (Vizcaya)


Leading industrial group at national level in the treatment of ferrous waste and scrap. Its activity is focused on the treatment, transformation, commercialization and distribution of these materials. It has eight production plants in Spain and is a major importer of scrap.

  • Tel: 944 722 251
  • c/ Chavarri s/n 48910 Sestao (Vizcaya)

Gescrap is a multinational corporation dedicated to the recycling of scrap metal. It was founded in 1994 with the vision to be the industry leader in the provision of services.

Gescrap has the capacity and expertise to offer our customers a personalised service on an international dimension.

Combining this closeness with the solvency of a multinational company has resulted in a quality service guarantee at the top of the most demanding sectors. Proof of this is Gescrap´s specialization in the global waste management for large automotive companies.

Currently, the Gescrap GROUP is present throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, America, Asia and Africa, where it provides a wide range of services from the generating industry to consumers of metallic materials.

  • Tel. 944 354 103
  • c/ Chavarri s/n 48910 Sestao (Vizcaya)

Steel service centres

Business group which continues the work undertaken by the Grupo Velasco in the distribution of steel over more than 50 years. It has investments of 11 million Euros and collaborates on an n exclusive basis with various international steelworks. The main service centers are Aceros de Araia and Hierros Labo, with a national and international network allowing for the execution of top-level international strategic projects.

  • Tel: 944 722 251



Since 1916, TDG Clamping Solutions (previously Talleres de Guernica) stands out for its ability to adapt to change while remaining true to their philosophy of a global, innovative and customer-oriented company. A powerful vision that continues to exist after 100 years, leading TDG to the challenge of establishing itself as a leader in the manufacture of big diameter power and manual chucks for industrial lathes.

  • Tel: 94 625 05 00
  • Goikoibarra 3 - 48300 Gernika (Vizcaya)
Talleres De Gernika