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Corporate information

Grupo Cosimet is one of the leading industrial holdings in the Basque Country, with more than 50 years of experience marked by growth and business success.

Its origins date back to a family business, Comercial Sidero-Metalúrgica S.A., founded by Pedro Velasco in 1958. The following decades were characterized by national expansion and the commitment to diversification, with a clear focus on the international market.

Today, although its roots remain firmly in the steel industry, Grupo Cosimet also operates in strategic sectors such as renewable energy, new technology or the healthcare sector. Worthy of note too is the Group’s activity in the civil engineering, financial and property development sectors.

The current challenges facing Grupo Cosimet include maintaining the high level of solvency, financial strength and prestige achieved over its history and developing diversification and growth in strategic markets, reinforcing its international presence.

Corporate headquarters

Edificio Cosimet. Paseo de Landabarri 2, 48940 Leioa Vizcaya

  • TEL.: +34 944 804 820

A group that makes the difference

01 Solidity and international solvency

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Grupo Cosimet has an economic and financial structure with a high level of solvency, enabling it to undertake our investments.

02Leadership in the steel sector

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The origins of Grupo Cosimet, linked to the steel industry, and its 60-year history, bear witness to extensive knowledge and leadership in the sector, crucial to the development of our activities.


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Honesty in business has been one of the guiding principles and an absolute prerequisite for Grupo Cosimet. Thanks to this approach, the group enjoys the trust of many investors.

04Top-level partners

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The professionalism, specialization and economic strength of Grupo Cosimet have crystallized into the trust of top-level strategic partners and collaborators.

05 Prestigious track record

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Grupo Cosimet enjoys considerable prestige both in Spain and beyond its borders, which represents an added value when it comes to launching new businesses and partnerships.