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Strategic sectors

From 1970 onwards, Grupo Cosimet began to seek to diversify its activity beyond the steel industry, which has led to its current participation in key projects in diverse strategic sectors.

Today it is vitally important for Grupo Cosimet to invest in growth areas such as renewable energy generation, new technologies, the healthcare sector or civil engineering. For this reason, it participates in the control and development of an extensive portfolio of companies that, according to their activity, can be classified into three groups: service companies, finance companies, and new technologies and renewable energy..

Service companies

A company offering social and health services to the elderly that manage six residences and 8 day centers, with more than 1,200 operational places. It has more than 450 employees, and with an ambitious expansion plan with new residences and day centers.

  • Tel: 944 253 654
  • c/ Máximo Aguirre, 18 Bis 2° 48001 Bilbao (Vizcaya)


Cutting-edge comprehensive technological services company in the field of engineering, consultancy and computer systems to offer solutions to its clients at a national and international level.

  • Tel. 944 810 276
  • Edificio Cosimet, Paseo de Landabarri 2, 48940 Leioa (Vizcaya)
Ayesa Ipar



Financial investment group, portfolio and asset management, with more than 400 million managed funds, through the WELZIA MANAGEMENT Company.

  • Tel: 91 577 04 64
  • c/ Conde de Aranda 24 - 28001 Madrid
Welzia-Intell Investment

Company founded in 1977 and based in the Basque Country, a pioneer in Risk Capital Management in Spain. It has over 30 years experience in creating value for small and medium-sized companies.

  • Tel: 944 355 040
  • c/ Rodríguez Arias 9, 1° 48008 Bilbao (Vizcaya)

New technologies

International Company, a leader in e-trust and e-security, created in 1999 and its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. WISEKEY is one of the World Economic Forum Groth Company, specializing in web-security solutions, e-commerce, data & protection, security mobile solutions, etc.

Wisekey offers data security centres and products for a wide selection of companies, sectors and institutions, public and private.

In March 2016 the company has begun trading on the Zurich´s stock exchange.

  • Tel: +41 22 594 3000
  • Route de Pré-Bois 29 P.O.Box 853, CH-1215 Geneva